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Naturally Healthy Baby
First, let me say I am no expert on health, I am just a mom who has done my own research into various topics. What I post on this website is information that I have gathered from various sources who are experts in their various fields. I just attempt to try to synthesize it in one place, for your enjoyment and information. That said, let me give you my personal opinions.

Our children are not healthy anymore. Asthma, allergies and neurological disorders, which were rare when I was a child, are now common. In fact, peanut allergies have become so prevalent that most schools no longer allow any kind of peanut products on the premises. The old lunchtime staple, the PB & J sandwich is out and new, gluten- and casein- free munchies are in.

So what has happened? Why can our children no longer easily breathe or focus their attention? In their excellent book, "Healing The New Childhood Epidemics', Dr. Kenneth Bock and Cameron Stauth discuss the effects that various things including environmental toxins have on our children's immune systems and recount some of the many successes Dr Bock has had at treating children with asthma,allergies, autism and ADD in his own practice. And Dr Bock is but one of many medical professionals who are approaching these problems from new perspectives. Despite the amazing results of the work of people like Dr. Bock, the mainstream medical establishment continues to pooh-pooh alternative and biomedical treatment of disorders such as autism and push on with their pharmaceutical solutions to what they attribute to genetic problems. But the evidence speaks for itself. No matter how often they hear on TV that dietary changes cannot solve 'genetic' probems, parents all over the world are experiencing for themselves how powerful natural remedies can be in treating their childrens' 'hopeless' condition. The very public recovery of Jenny McCarthy's son, Evan, from autism is hard to debunk. So, try as they might, Big Pharma is losing ground when it comes to parents' confidence in their products.

And that's just a fact.

We all know we live in a polluted world. Sometimes it seems like it's just about impossible to bring your children up in a healthy environment when it comes to nutrition and evironmental toxins. Sometimes you have to pick your battles, but first of all you have to know what your battles are.  Here are some coclusions I have come to:

- Breastfeeding is not an added 'bonus' and formula is not an adequate alternative. Breastfeeding lays the groundwork for a healthy immune system from day one.

- There is no set time at which a child should be weaned. Extended nursing provides many health and psychological benefits, whereas abrupt or premature weaning can be deleterious. Do not let society pressure you to do anything but what feels right for you and your child.

- When it comes to vaccinations, make an informed decision. Question whether the 'benefits' really outweigh the 'risks' when it comes to any particular disease for a particular child. I have found that the benefits are largely trumped-up and the risks largely minimized.

- Do not uderestimate the power of nutrition and the ill effects of junk food on health and behaviour.

- Baby wearing is highly under-rated. If you have the means to give your baby that '4th trimester' snuggling experience, go for it. You'll be glad you did.

- Beware of xenoestrogens in plastics, bath products, creams, etc. They are powerful endocrine disruptors that can cause permanent changes to a young baby's reproductive tract. Using creams that contain xenoestrogens during pregancy can feminize a male fetus and even change your baby's future sexual orientation.

- Diapers are a bit of a scam. Sure, they are convenient in the short-term, but training a child to elimitae in diapers and then re-training them not to do that isn't always easy. Diapers also expose babies to additional chemicals such as dioxins which may affect fertility. The alternative, Elimination Communication, is not more work than changing diapers if you start early on.

- Those baby videos are a scam. You know the ones. They have been linked to slowed verbal development and a shorter attentionn span. In fact, one company who makes popular infant videos was recently ordered to offer parents a refund because the product had been promoted misleadingly as educational.

These are just a few concerns. If you want good informaton on natural health- related topics, I would recommend you visit for a huge selection of articles and resources. Invest some time into researching these topics so you can safeguard your child's health, preferably before they have even been born- because it's hard for a child to be happy when he's not healthy.

Disclaimer: the content of this website is for information purposes and should not be construed as medical advice. if you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.

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