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dr shiv chopra on vaccines and autoimmune disease
Dr Shiv Chopra is a veterinarian and microbiologist who formerly worked for Health Canada and was personally involved in the process of approving measles, mumps and rubella vaccines. Dr Chopra also prevented rBGH (Monsanto's recombinant bovine growth hormone, which had been shown to cause cancer) from being approved in Canada, for which he was later fired. 

In this interview on The Truther Girls, Dr Chopra talks about problems with the regulatory process and vaccines, such as the fact that testing protocols for vaccines and growth hormones such as rBGH do not follow law as it is supposed to be applied to the testing of pharmaceuticals and biologicals (i.e. testing for ability to cause cancer or impair fertility) and he also explains the mechanism by which injecting foreign proteins from animal material, which is present in vaccines, can cause autoimmune disease.

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For full episode download of this interview, see May 21 archive

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