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contaminated formula

Formula is often contaminated!

Having gone through FDA approval and being under regulation of the government, we may think that formula, although not ideal, should be at least relatively safe- or at the very least, uncontaminated. As it turns out, numerous brands of infant formula have been found to be contaminated with various things ranging from rocket fuel, to melamine, to endocrine disruptors, to insects and larvae.

In a recent case, Similac was found to contain beetles and beetle larvae, which caused gastrointestinal distress and refusal to feed in babies. When faced with a lawsuit for making false claims that their product was safe, Abbot Laboratories, the makers of Similac corrected their accusers by stating that they had only claimed that it was 'wholesome' and 'nutritious' but that they never actually said it was safe! The judge presiding over the trial accepted this explanation and dismissed the case!

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